I have received such a huge response to these stalker posts, and so many personal stories and questions from readers, regarding calls from blocked numbers and restricted calling.   Look, when you see “Blocked Number” come up on your phone, it is because who ever is on the other end does not want to be identified, which usually indicates something is not right.  They went out of their way to use *67 to block their number or they choose to set their Mobile phone to not share their caller I.D.

Regardless of whether you are being harassed by a stalker, ex-employee, psycho from no where or a telemarketer, who ever it is is not someone calling with your best interest in mind, am I correct?  Of course I am.

You may also get calls from numbers that can not be called back by the number that appears on your caller I.D. – I typically will screen a call and if it is a number I don’t know I will send the caller to Voice Mail and then dial them back – there are methods for “spoofing” phone numbers and when you call back the number that appeared on the caller i.d. you may get a recording that the number is out of service or told by a disinterested receptionist that at the time of the call no one  was in the office… I received 2 such calls last week!  The trick is to be prepared –  you can get beyond the spoofed number(s) and *67 by working with your local enforcement agencies and outreach groups.

There are several techniques you are supposed to use to  “not give the desired response” to the Aggravated Harasser, i.e.  Hang up immediatly if you get either no response or an obscene remark, both are considered “Aggravated Harassment”  depending on the frequency of these calls, typically if you get more then 2 a week (in most states) you are considered to be a victim of harassment.

If ignoring the caller doesn’t work (which in my case it did not) you may file a complaint with your local Police Precinct for Aggravated Harassment.

NOTE:   They WILL NOT want to take a report at your local precinct, unless you already are friendly with them and they know you, regardless you have to force them to take it, do not take no for an answer, stand there and cry if you have to, remind them that they do not get to decide what is reported or is not, and they will try to dissuade you!  I think this is because they want to keep the crime rate down, and if there is no report than there is no crime, right?  B.S.!

After you file the complaint and have the complaint number, call The Unlawful Call Center at 1-800-640-2043 that is where you begin… Good luck to all of you and I would love to hear some good news to come from all of this, post your POSITIVE stories, please???

Every case is unique, act quickly and don’t be a victim!

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