Drivers start using ‘glow in the dark’ road in the Netherlands | Digital Trends

Drivers start using ‘glow in the dark’ road in the Netherlands | Digital Trends.  The unique ‘glowing lines’ technology is the work of a team of designers led by Daan Roosegaard, who combined paint with a photo-luminising powder to create road markings that charge up during daylight hours and emit a soft green glow through the night, for as long as eight hours.

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We all have had those clients we have to chase down to get paid by, sometimes it’s the clients we know have the money (but are bogged down by red tape) we have to work the hardest to get paid by, what are your thoughts on the matter?

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About 40% of freelancers had trouble getting paid in 2009, according to a survey released in mid-April by the New York-based Freelancers Union, a 135,000-member organization for independent contractors across the country in fields such as media, technology, and advertising. It was the first year the group asked the question on its member survey. And more than three out of four freelancers said they’ve had trouble getting paid over the course of their careers, according to organization.


The problem could become more acute as independent contractors emerge as a more central piece of the work force. The financial crisis and the resulting high unemployment thrust many professionals into the ranks of freelance workers, which may continue to grow despite signs of an economic recovery.

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Resources:  Freelancers guide to getting paid, excerpts:

  • Get over the embarrassment.
  • Deal directly with payroll.
  • Withhold work, if you can.
  • Offer the company some flexibility.
  • Consider adding late fees to your contract, or a prepayment clause.
  • Consider working with freelance-liaison firms.
  • Sue the company in small claims court.

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