Drivers start using ‘glow in the dark’ road in the Netherlands | Digital Trends

Drivers start using ‘glow in the dark’ road in the Netherlands | Digital Trends.  The unique ‘glowing lines’ technology is the work of a team of designers led by Daan Roosegaard, who combined paint with a photo-luminising powder to create road markings that charge up during daylight hours and emit a soft green glow through the night, for as long as eight hours.

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YOUR THOUGHTS TO VIDEO:: Video Scenes Pulled from Peoples' Thoughts :: GEEKTASTIC!

“….the software was used to monitor the two patients’ brains as they watched a new film and to reproduce what they were seeing based on their neural activity alone.
“Remarkably, the computer program was able to display continuous footage of the films they were watching — albeit with blurred images.”

“A computer program was used to search for links between the configuration of shapes, colors and movements in the videos, and patterns of activity in the patients’ visual cortex.
“It was later fed more than 200 days’ worth of YouTube internet clips and asked to predict which areas of the brain the clips would stimulate if people were watching them.

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NASA LEVITATES A MOUSE ("b" is a bad angle, but Mickey is in the air!!)

I love Popular Science Magazine!!   It keeps me in touch with what is really important – FLYING!!  Antigravity/moon boots were on every Christamas list since birth, so this may be a small step for NASA but is a big LEAP for MICE KIND!

It took little Mickey about 4 hours to adjust to floating in the magnetic field, and the hope is this will enlighten on the effects of anit-gravity; I wonder what the differences are between the real thing and this artifical space environ.  I just think it is soooo cool!  Totally NEAT GEEK TREEP!