BRAVO FOR MY BRAVIA!! :: Netflix signs on to stream movies to Sony’s Bravia TVs

I read a post on the CED Magazine site that made me smile –  Netflix signs on to stream movies to Sony’s Bravia TVs, just by connecting my TV to my broadband modem, I can access online video, music and content from more than 25 providers, including Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube, Sports Illustrated, Sony Pictures, Crackle, Slacker,,, and  Not that I have much time for viewing video, not when “America’s Got Talent” is so fricken awesome!!  I love the Sexy & Dangerous duo!

Judge not lest ye be judged!
Judge not lest ye be judged!

Forgive me, I digress…back to my TV — “Sony was first to bring Internet video to the TV, and we continue to deliver one of the largest and most diverse catalogs of content to customers through Bravia Internet Video,” said Jeff Goldstein, vice president of Sony Electronics’ television business. “Adding Netflix gives many of our customers access to a vast library of streaming content through their existing Netflix accounts.”

So, now what does streaming media have to do with old school SMPTE Broadcast?  You be the judge!  Look out….

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There is a lot of talk about codecs, budgets and ROI – we know how to use those units, old and new – to monetize your business, do you?  The Multimedia Network Optimization Project is underway, do your part to build better business with more effective ROI for a better future.  Green meetings save lives.

Companies like Polycom understand this simple message, we are leveraging our technology partners to make business work better, all from the heart of New York City, Wall Street!  On-Demand, Inc | nYc and American Movie Company, LLC are making great things happen for Consumer facing Business and the Enterprise.

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Welcome to Wall Street Polycom HDX 9000:: Flexible :: SEXY::ROI

I just returned to my office after a whirlwind 3 days of all things streaming media at the 2009 Streaming Media East Conference here in New York – I spent a good deal of time with Polycom experimenting with the HDX 9000 (my new favorite VTC) – we will be bringing a unit in to our lab and will test with several clients dialing in direct and using a variety of architecture’s to navigate video across the globe.  In essence, we will be a bridge for the Enterprise with streaming media, HD broadcast (up to satellite), a better rate card and friendlier staff than your old school bridge!

Sexy & Flexible - sleek new casings and shiney surfaces
Sexy & Flexible - sleek new casings and shiney surfaces

This sexy/flexi VTC unit works 720P with as little as 700Kbps – I can’t wait to get this service hooked up in the lab.  We will be able dial in to all our clients, ironically as I poll them, it seems like everyone has a Polycom!  Even most of the writers at Streaming Media Magazine – we were discussing how we may be able to use either VTC or Skype or both to do live interactive segments from home for the viewing pleasure of enthusiasts – our mux is an OC48, getting HD video in and out of our command center is not an issue .

Now, when I do all those corporate webcasts, we will have the option of dialing right in to our clients office or conference center where we can broadcast interactive presentations to the web or flip the codec around and push out to Azzurro and up to the bird if that’s what the client requires.

Features and Benefits

  • See and hear every detail with amazing clarity—Polycom Ultimate™ technology
  • Experience optimal video at any bandwidth
  • Expanded audio and video I/O allows easy integration for your application
  • Become part of your presentation with the exclusive Polycom People On Content™ chroma key technology
  • Share CAD drawings, movies, images, spreadsheets—and more—all in native resolution
  • Join multiple participants in a single call easily and quickly

Polycom® HDX 9000 Series

Power, performance and flexibility for highly integrated video conferencing environments

  • True high definition (HD) video at 720p resolution with the ability to connect multiple HD video sources
  • Polycom’s VC2 vision realized with presence capabilities and full management of systems through Polycom Converged Management Application™ (Polycom CMA™) solution
  • Hear voices and music clearly with 22 kHz audio in StereoSurround™
  • Share HD content easily in native resolution including images, documents and multimedia
  • Optimize your meeting room with the HDX Executive Collection floor stand or wall mount solutions
If anyone is interested in participating in a proof of concept – we will dial in to you and your organization and show you the “secret sauce” in action from our lovely Wall Street HQ.;-)