Today was the big day I met with the mediator at Criminal Court and it looks like this whole mess is going Federal –  since all the “suspects” actually reside out of state and had contacted me across state lines via phone, email, snail mail, etc.  The next step is to take this to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and hand over all the information, etc.  this is not something I look forward to doing, but I have no guarantees that these individuals are finished with the harassment.

It is interesting to note that all of the individuals listed in the first blog I posted on the subject either directly or indirectly contacted me in some way or another, either via this blog or by mail, or both which is in itself an admission of guilt.

Of course, when YOU find yourself being harassed via email, comments on your blog and/or are getting aggravating or menacing phone calls/texts/hang ups the FIRST thing you do is take action to protect yourself, I am a good natured person and allowed this situation to go on too long, thinking it was just a big mistake but now I know better and I regret not taking it more seriously much sooner, could have saved myself a lot of grief.

In my case, I am lucky to have a family here in NYC that seeks to protect me, tell me the real truth and look after me from others out there who are just after possibly money – or just to get even.  Beware.

*** UPDATE:  MARCH 1, 2010 — The situation has not resolved and I continue to receive bizarre, incoherent communications from one of the suspects I listed on the original post.  This is exactly why harassment must be STOPPED as soon as it starts.  Now I have no choice… I have to take more time out of my busy, beautiful life to deal with this.   I am seriously going to speak with friends over at the FCC regarding criminalization of this kind of privacy infringement and seek to OUTLAW use of blocked/restricted calling and the like.  Gee whiz!  I have better things to do with my time!


Imagine a world where you build products for End Users and during the build out, you get real-time feed back on usability? Not a new concept, but one of which i am very fond – 3M has been using direct feedback in their invention process since 1997, read on inventors… read on…

In a world of online user communities, social media, interactive blogs and other technological means for companies to elicit customer feedback, you might think that face-to-face interaction is a thing of the past. Think again.

As a company, 3M is at the forefront of a movement that appears to be gaining traction: customer innovation centers, typically located near company research facilities, that provide a forum for meeting with corporate customers and engaging them directly in the innovation process.

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