SPEAK UP NOW :: FCC is Seeking Public Comment on the Smart Grid :: DON'T BLAME THE FCC IF THE GRID CAN'T READ

The FCC is looking for data, analysis and perspectives from participants across the entire Smart Grid ecosystem. They want to know what works and what doesn’t, and want the data to back it up. The data they gather through this process will be an important part of the analysis their team is undertaking.

The deadline for responses is October 2, “but we’re hopeful that many will begin submitting facts and findings to the record right away. We’ll be presenting some preliminary findings at the Commission meeting on September 29.” according to the FCC Blog at http://blog.broadband.gov/?p=232

“Our team is intently focused on identifying the best ways to support and accelerate these developments. These ideas will be an important part of the National Broadband Plan.”

The problem is that the FCC does not yet have the authority to dictate with impunity the Best Practices for the implementation – I personally wouldn’t mind if they were granted the right to pull a trump on Private interest to make this happen, right now the “committee” is just too big and too full of self interest to do any good for our grid, our country or our Broadband.

Too much pressure from big Telcos and not enough action taking place.

According to the post.

Brand confusion at SATCON 2008: L3 is not Level 3

I am not a total idiot, but I thought the L3 logo advertised on the site was actually level 3 – turns out that L3 is a former Boeing off-ramp that was sold off to 3 guys whose names actually began with the letter “L”.

L3 Communications is a major manufacturer of what seem to be signal amplifiers for satellite transmission.

At least when I told the sales engineer what CATV actually stands for, he laughed because he had made the same assumption I had – see my Learn something new every day post :-)

Well, the Google algorithm makes the same assumption based on search results displayed in the following screenshot – L3 and Level 3 are not even close to related contextually.

Google Search for "L3"
Google Search for