I really have come to loathe the quality of Time Warner Cable service in NYC – they deny any knowledge publicly of the constant packet dropping, jitter, channel freezing and the spontaneous “reboot” of their STB’s – of course ignoring a problem doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  In search of better service, I am doing a little comparison shopping for TWC vs. DirectTV.  I am a New York gal, born, bred and buttered in this land of love & fine dining… I need NY1 to kick off my work day… Direct TV does not carry NY1 and that is a big turn off.  As I am trying to find out what service providers do carry NY1 that are NOT TWC, I couldn’t find the provider list on the NY1 website, but what I did find was a whole lot of DirectTV ads.  Who was the brainiac who came up with that media buy??

What are your thoughts, if I have to leave Time Warner Cable and want to keep my NY1, where should I turn???

Direct TV media buy on NY1 - irony or bad choice?
Direct TV media buy on NY1 - irony or bad choice?

Virgin launches a new dongle :: PROMISE OF SPEED :: AND A SILLY HEADLINE

Of course anyone who knows me knows why I have broken my silence after all this time to post this piece. I enjoy the word “dongle”.

Virgin claims that the new speed, twice that of its previously released 3.6Mpbs dongle, will give its users improvements in their email checking, streaming media and Internet browsing experiences.

Graeme Oxby, executive director of mobile at Virgin Media, said, “We’re thrilled to be offering this faster mobile broadband to our users. If you’re not at home or near a wireless connection, mobile broadband is the best way of staying connected on the move and we’re delighted to be making this a speedier, more pleasant experience for our customers.”

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SPRINT Nextel Service in NEW YORK CITY:: Me and my Palm Pre:: Going on the road!

All I have to say about my SPRINT service is this:  I was riding on the N train to a meeting in mid-town and my phone rang.  If you have been to New York City and seen our “sub” way system you know it is deep underground and no one gets calls on the train in a tunnel.  In other words,   AWESOME!!

As for my SPRINT EVDO card, Speedtest.Net is telling me I have over 2Mbps on th UP!  What??? I started getting these readings after installing an update that was pushed out – took an hour and a half, but if the speedtest is an indication of the kind of up-grades being made available over “affordable” means, that’s great for streaming!

I know, I need to do more testing and I will.  Admittedly the spattering of APPS that were made available did not live up to the hype this past week.  Alas.

The one thing I need to do immediately is set up VNC or RDP on my device, then we will really kick around some tires in the field.  And I will get to the testing and I will tell the world… I love my Pre!