I really have come to loathe the quality of Time Warner Cable service in NYC – they deny any knowledge publicly of the constant packet dropping, jitter, channel freezing and the spontaneous “reboot” of their STB’s – of course ignoring a problem doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  In search of better service, I am doing a little comparison shopping for TWC vs. DirectTV.  I am a New York gal, born, bred and buttered in this land of love & fine dining… I need NY1 to kick off my work day… Direct TV does not carry NY1 and that is a big turn off.  As I am trying to find out what service providers do carry NY1 that are NOT TWC, I couldn’t find the provider list on the NY1 website, but what I did find was a whole lot of DirectTV ads.  Who was the brainiac who came up with that media buy??

What are your thoughts, if I have to leave Time Warner Cable and want to keep my NY1, where should I turn???

Direct TV media buy on NY1 - irony or bad choice?
Direct TV media buy on NY1 - irony or bad choice?

Time Warner Cable :: Not In Synch :: Streaming The Bar

For years, the most aggravating argument against the virtue of streaming media on the web versus “television” has been consistency of the user experience; however, for the last three [3] days I have been waiting for MTV on Time Warner Cable to figure out that their NYC TWC “guide” has been totally off…

Right now, the schedule dictates I should be watching a program called ” The Girls of Hedsor Hall” – but what is actually on is the program  “TI’s Redemption” –

This may seem minor, except for that the programming on the TWC “guide” has been off track for 3 days and no one has picked this up as an issue nor has anyone they corrected it.  There are plenty of other issues, like On Demand videos that simply don’t play, the guide gets stuck constantly and I always have to reboot the box.

I am also pretty pissed off at Time Warner since I went and ordered new STB’s for my home, they sent over a thrid party contractor – who was a bit of an idiot actually… and all the STB’s were refurbished.  And now, TWC is advertising the “Start over” feature that simply doesn’t work on my STB’s.

Yet more examples of end-user frustration and confusion that will hurt us all in the end.

If TWC can’t ge it right, they should at least have someone on their internal teams watching their own channels to ensure that we are getting the “end user experience” they promise …

I have to say, it’s been 4 days now since their “TWC guide has been out of sync with their programing, and it is critically disjointing…

Hey, TIME WARNER CABLE —  I feel let down, you are supposed to be the best of the best…

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My parents love new gadgets – anything “hi-tech”, shiny and expensive.  When they brought home their first  SONY BRAVIA HD TV, they were so excited to see those 4:3 channels stretched out to 16:9 – they actually like to see the image stretched out because it is bigger and as we all know, bigger is better!!

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