As a kid there were two things I asked Santa Claus for every year:
1. a robot clone that would do my homework and clean my room and
2. A hovercraft of my very own

** Yes, I ordered the one advertised in the back of the comic book and was sadly disappointed when it was too small to actually fly around in. However, that dream could soon be realized!! At least the second one – and I tell you what, if I come across $13K in the next year – and find somewhere to park the thing in NYC – I am definitely going to buy one! Imagine flying over the traffic in NYC’s rush hour! Ahhh, to dream a little dream… this is exactly one of those things that makes life worth while!!


The hovercraft functions as a stand-alone vehicle, but with the detachable wings in place it becomes a small aircraft capable of a top cruising speed of about 60 miles per hour. While it doesn’t fly very high, the 1.8-liter engine pushes the craft to a ceiling between around 10 feet — plenty high to clear fences, cars and the inevitable slack-jawed onlooker — and has a range of 140 miles.