Another erratic take on the exciting world of Enterprise Video!!  Read how I predicted trends that came to fruition, the right and wrong of how 2009 became a “banner” year for our industry in the Enterprise:

2009 - A Banner Year
2009 - A Banner Year

The basic concept most enterprise organizations fail to acknowledge is that, as with any documentation or resource they use to communicate or to perform the organization’s day-to-day business, streaming media is in itself a digital record, and it is critical content that needs to be archived and kept relevant for future business efforts. And with media assets that bring to life the spirit of an all-staff meeting or that show a sales team how dynamic a speaker was when presenting a product or a service to a new prospect, we have the essence and the spirit of that success to reflect and build on. It’s also where we can evaluate our flaws in brilliant color and sound with supporting materials, feedback, and relevant metrics.

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Blockbuster shares spiked today according to a report sent out by TheStreet.com.  Shares of Blockbuster were rallying 9.3% to 80 cents, and TiVo was rising 2% to $7.12. Shares of Netflix, meanwhile, were down 2.9% to $42.18. (Change: -2.39 | -5.50%)

TiVo HEART Blockbuster
TiVo HEART Blockbuster

Yesterday, a Press Release was issued by Blockbuster Corporate that announced that they will make on-demand videos available to TiVo users in an apparent attempt to compete with NetFlix, in the wake of issues surrounding NetFlix’s “Watch Now” service, which they say stems from ISP throttling, in home congestion, MAC/PC and general connectivity issues, but I personally don’t like Silverlight as a plug in, especially since there is no elegant roll-back option once installed, and it really is a pain in the rear to get into the various browsers I use in the first place.  (Just take a look at the Installation Forum for Microsoft Silverlight!)

The Blockbuster on-demand service “will be integrated into TiVo Series2™, Series3™, TiVo HD, and TiVo HD XL DVRs. The move by two leaders in home entertainment will make it even easier for all broadband connected TiVo subscribers to download Blockbuster’s content and enjoy a complete television entertainment experience on their individual schedules using TiVo, the best and most comprehensive single solution for delivery and simple, intuitive navigation of broadband, broadcast, and cable content – all from one remote control.”

The release goes on to say, “TiVo DVRs will be sold at thousands of Blockbuster® stores nationwide as well as online at blockbuster.com, giving both companies new distribution outlets and putting TiVo DVRs and BLOCKBUSTER OnDemand front and center of where video shopping takes place. Additionally, the companies will implement a cross-marketing campaign.”

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DTV Transition 2009 :: Industry effect :: Take the on-line poll now!

The DTV Transition that premiered in Wilmington, North Carolina was the first DTV Test Pilot Program in which Analog Broadcasts ended on September 8, 2008.

According to the news releases, calls to the support hot line were primarily from individuals who did not read the instructions that came with their converter box. Ahhh, progress! Make your comments and take the on-line poll now. How will this effect the industry?  Read the official report

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