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Streaming Media East 2010 – the day after report:  What is it about technology conferences that makes them so exhausting?

The exhibit floor this year was smaller then last years and I heard from the exhibitors that real “customer” presence was light, but of course for my purposes… that doesn’t really matter.

Selfishly I have to say, I am only interested in technology innovations that are easy to integrate or deploy, that are affordable and of course, that actually work.  There was a lot of discussion around scalable technology, SD to HD workflow transitions, adaptive (bit rate) streaming… and of course, highest on the list is the promise of “unified systems” (as it is referred to in the Enterprise) or single signal transmission to multiple devices, something along the lines of TVEverywhere type availability of broadcast content, but specifically one feed that can play back on any device (i.e. Mobile, Desktop, Set top box, etc.).

That’s a lot to think about, but I was able to pin-point my priorities and focus on putting together a package that would work for me and my budget… and here is that journey.

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Time Warner Cable :: Not In Synch :: Streaming The Bar

For years, the most aggravating argument against the virtue of streaming media on the web versus “television” has been consistency of the user experience; however, for the last three [3] days I have been waiting for MTV on Time Warner Cable to figure out that their NYC TWC “guide” has been totally off…

Right now, the schedule dictates I should be watching a program called ” The Girls of Hedsor Hall” – but what is actually on is the program  “TI’s Redemption” –

This may seem minor, except for that the programming on the TWC “guide” has been off track for 3 days and no one has picked this up as an issue nor has anyone they corrected it.  There are plenty of other issues, like On Demand videos that simply don’t play, the guide gets stuck constantly and I always have to reboot the box.

I am also pretty pissed off at Time Warner since I went and ordered new STB’s for my home, they sent over a thrid party contractor – who was a bit of an idiot actually… and all the STB’s were refurbished.  And now, TWC is advertising the “Start over” feature that simply doesn’t work on my STB’s.

Yet more examples of end-user frustration and confusion that will hurt us all in the end.

If TWC can’t ge it right, they should at least have someone on their internal teams watching their own channels to ensure that we are getting the “end user experience” they promise …

I have to say, it’s been 4 days now since their “TWC guide has been out of sync with their programing, and it is critically disjointing…

Hey, TIME WARNER CABLE —  I feel let down, you are supposed to be the best of the best…

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Video SEO:: How do you know when it is working::Who cares?

Ok, maybe it comes off as kind of hostile, but I am having a hard time actually finding an ROI on SEO for on-line video content — e.g. If I am a website with Video that is expertly tagged and optimized, where exactly will I see the results? Google? Yahoo? Or does the end-user have to be looking specifically for video on the “video” portal for the major SE’s? Wouldn’t a person searching on-line benefit as much from seeing a video about milking cows as they would from reading about milking cows?

The subject of VIDEO SEO frustrates me because everyone is telling us we need it, but for who and to what end?

Join me on my journey as I seek out what VSEO is and why we should give a crap-dang-it about it ;-p
I welcome your feedback.

** All the early feedback focuses on Metrics starting with the end user already at the video view stage, and I am focusing on what VSEO promises, more or less, how the end user arrives at the video not what they do once there… but I know my Peeps will keep me in check 😉