I have had a theory that if Hulu plays the game better than Netflix or Blockbuster, Hulu could potentially reinvent the business model for “movie” and “broadcast” distribution and licensing via streaming media.  Check out the latest numbers on HuLu from Neilson Online – as reported by Mark R Robertson |  from ReelSEO –> According to new research released from Neilsen Online, almost 10 billion (9.6B) video streams were viewed in March of this year by an estimated 130M US web users.  This represents almost a 40% (38.8) increase year over year from March 2008 and is an increase of 9% month over month from February 2009.   Mark thinks it may have something to do with the fancy Hulu ad’s, and you know what?  I agree!

NetFlix is not on the list perhaps they opt to keep the numbers “private” and not participate to in the Neilsen on-line rating system.  Of course, the question is… Do you trust the Neilsen’s numbers, hmmmm…..

Here is the Raw Data from Neilsen for March

march09 videocensus photo

What do you think?

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