Nico McLane Launches Recession Friendly Webcast Facility in Financial District NYC

Nico McLane, Inagueral Streaming Media All-Star
Nico McLane, Inagueral Streaming Media All-Star

Nico McLane, Streaming Media All Star and producer in NYC launches services for Financial District studios, partnered with and iAxsis to deliver live HD Broadcasts to satellite and to the web.

New York City, New York (Press Release) December 4th, 2008 – Nico McLane has announced today the launch of premium streaming media services in New York City’s Financial District; with expert advisory, streaming media has the potential to provide substantial savings for large and medium sized corporations in many of their communication and marketing efforts, a critical consideration in the current economy; the streaming team, led by McLane specializes in budget conscious production, planning and delivery based on unique, customized ROI assessments for each client.

The facility supports live HD Satellite Broadcasts (National and International), media tours, Fortune 500 Quarterly Earnings Announcements, Press Conferences, eLearning sessions and provides professional services including live webcasts, media portal design and development and much more.

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Brand confusion at SATCON 2008: L3 is not Level 3

I am not a total idiot, but I thought the L3 logo advertised on the site was actually level 3 – turns out that L3 is a former Boeing off-ramp that was sold off to 3 guys whose names actually began with the letter “L”.

L3 Communications is a major manufacturer of what seem to be signal amplifiers for satellite transmission.

At least when I told the sales engineer what CATV actually stands for, he laughed because he had made the same assumption I had – see my Learn something new every day post :-)

Well, the Google algorithm makes the same assumption based on search results displayed in the following screenshot – L3 and Level 3 are not even close to related contextually.

Google Search for "L3"
Google Search for

SATCON 2008 Up-date

This is a great 3-in-1 show and I will be posting lots of great reviews and up-dates over the next few days! The issue is that they do not have an internet kiosk for the attendees so I am forced to submit this post today from a FedExKinokos rent-a-PC at 50 cents a minute!

Check back soon for the skinny on the HD, Video over IP and Sat reviews coming soon!