Digital Diva Nico McLane - in An Online Minute!
Photo by Kelly Samardak: An Online Minute... Burgeoning Women's Networking Event Flings It For Spring At Armani/Ristorante

The most recent Digital Diva shin-dig inspired me, a little vino and a lot of chit-chat about social experiments and live streaming… all good stuff.

The ladies in the fabulous picture to the left, and I, were discussing live webcasting and what makes a live experience more compelling than just watching an on-demand web video?  Perhaps, we get a sense of intimacy that we share with the other viewers – when you know you are not alone in the “room” so to speak…  it is an intimate feeling, with the audience and the speaker, augmented by a sense of being there.  It makes the “viewer” more of a participant than a passive set of eyeballs.  Take that and top it off with some real-time interactivity and you have a fabulous recipe for attracting a real audience.

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Brand confusion at SATCON 2008: L3 is not Level 3

I am not a total idiot, but I thought the L3 logo advertised on the site was actually level 3 – turns out that L3 is a former Boeing off-ramp that was sold off to 3 guys whose names actually began with the letter “L”.

L3 Communications is a major manufacturer of what seem to be signal amplifiers for satellite transmission.

At least when I told the sales engineer what CATV actually stands for, he laughed because he had made the same assumption I had – see my Learn something new every day post :-)

Well, the Google algorithm makes the same assumption based on search results displayed in the following screenshot – L3 and Level 3 are not even close to related contextually.

Google Search for "L3"
Google Search for

SATCON 2008 Conference & Expo @ NYC Javits Conference Center

Product & Service reviews from SATCON 2008

Included in this post are some of the exhibitors I intend to visit, time permitting. I am sure I will stumble on other exhbitors not on this list that may or may not impress me.

Leave a comment if you have any requests or recommendations.

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