I want to start by stating very plainly, there is no such thing as a simple web page.  Not anymore.

Consider this, interactive new media products are living organisms that will either thrive once launched – like living creatures, if they have a healthy gestation, these things can grow strong over time leading long, healthy lives – or, if malnourished or traumatized during their incubation,  will die a slow, painful death in the petri dish.  The cost of birthing one of these “organisms” can not succeed if the stake holders don’t respect the process.

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This is truly a great honor, although I participated in this broadcast as a consultant, I was included on the ticket by the folks at WNET/THIRTEEN.

The New York Philharmonic Live from North Korea. February 28, 2008. ( David Hirmes, Dan Greenberg, Anu Krishnan, Producers; Dan Goldman, Executive Producer; Dragos Stoica, Nico McLane, Frank Graybill, Engineering.

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The 2009 New York Emmy® Awards gala will be held on Sunday, March 29, 2009!

How to Capture a Macromedia Flash Object from a Web Site

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Sometimes you see something on the internet you want to keep. Provided here are methods of downloading flashes and other embedded items in websites using Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.


Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the website and do not click the link yet but make sure you are a click away from the movie/object.
  2. Click Tools>Internet Options>General then click delete files, this will delete all offline content.
  3. Go to the flash object/movie.
  4. Go back to Tools>Internet Options>General, click settings.
  5. Click View files.
  6. There should be a list of files, one of those files will be the flash object.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to the website with the flash or other embedded object you wish to download.
  2. Click Tools > Page Info (Shortcut: Alt + T + I)
  3. Click the “Media” tab and scroll through the objects on the page. The “Type” column will help in many instances; Flashes, music and videos all appear as “Embeds”
  4. Highlight the Flash and click “Save as” or copy the URL into a Download Manager.


  1. Go to the website with the flash or other embedded object you wish to download.


  • This will work with any file type, including MIDI files, window media player, movies, etc.
  • Firefox has extensions such as Amazing Media Browser and VideoDownloader which help simplify this process, and can be used as an alternative if the above doesn’t work.


  • This will not work on Youtube Videos; The flash player links to a .flv file on the Youtube servers; if you want to download a youtube video, then get Firefox and the VideoDownloader extension, and FLV player.

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