HD Broadcast :: My Afternoon at AzzurroHD

Today is a good day because it feels like progress is being made, finally!

I needed to spend some time rationalizing and mapping out how I would best run all our services remotely, simultaneously routing HD/SD video feeds for satellite up-link and split the signal into at least one media encoder for streaming (I am building a custom encoder in-house for reasons mentioned in previous post of “frustration”).

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SATCON 2008 Conference & Expo @ NYC Javits Conference Center

Product & Service reviews from SATCON 2008

Included in this post are some of the exhibitors I intend to visit, time permitting. I am sure I will stumble on other exhbitors not on this list that may or may not impress me.

Leave a comment if you have any requests or recommendations.

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Oooh, that's splice-y!

I’d like to introduce this blog in a way that makes sense to the world outside of my own mind – the evolution of this blog is somewhat convoluted today, as is the time in which we are now working – and especially so, as I am about to launch a new business on Wall Street in New York City, during a financial crisis

I am currently working on building out an HD fiber solution pointing to Azzurro, here in New York City, from a Wall Street conference center.

Verizon Business HD DVTS field engineers came to the space in Wall Street last Friday to do a site survey, they followed fiber through shaft-ways and floor boards and determined that the fiber was live but they couldn’t track down exactly where the splice led to.This is common in New York City, apparently the fiber in question was first dropped in 01/2008 and the engineer who did it is no longer “available” to fulfill the work-order. A random splice that leads to somewhere, just not exactly sure where somewhere is.

Although my active background focused on Enterprise technology, having served 7 years at JPMorganChase HQ in NYC, I spent a lot of time working in and around the Enterprise infrastructure building out their streaming media solutions – through 3 mergers, multiple integrations and “refresh” projects – and I tell you what… the corporate enterprise and the infrastructures we find in the large cities translate quite literally by a matter of scale, only varying by the number of “boxes” and dependencies crammed into what some may just sum up as the “cloud” – I reject the whole concept of the cloud – they do translate quite literally, with all the same vulnerabilities, bubble-gum hybrid cross-connects and good intentions.

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