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Streaming Media East 2010 – the day after report:  What is it about technology conferences that makes them so exhausting?

The exhibit floor this year was smaller then last years and I heard from the exhibitors that real “customer” presence was light, but of course for my purposes… that doesn’t really matter.

Selfishly I have to say, I am only interested in technology innovations that are easy to integrate or deploy, that are affordable and of course, that actually work.  There was a lot of discussion around scalable technology, SD to HD workflow transitions, adaptive (bit rate) streaming… and of course, highest on the list is the promise of “unified systems” (as it is referred to in the Enterprise) or single signal transmission to multiple devices, something along the lines of TVEverywhere type availability of broadcast content, but specifically one feed that can play back on any device (i.e. Mobile, Desktop, Set top box, etc.).

That’s a lot to think about, but I was able to pin-point my priorities and focus on putting together a package that would work for me and my budget… and here is that journey.

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AS I am watching the “Pseudo Live” launch video on for the CS5 suite, I can’t help but think how great everything looks in the pre-recorded video.  Great production value! There are hundreds of Tweets on the subject as we all listen in for our specialized area of interest…. I heard nothing about transcoding video from Premiere or what the status of the Adobe Media Encoder is, which are the applications I use the most as a streamer of media, followed closely by good ole’ Dreamweaver.

Video looked great, Adobe Mobile Video looked great on the innocuous “Mobile Device” they featured (ahem, iPhone?)… As far as you can tell from a video they produced and mastered in their Adobe CS5 suite… especially with all those “easy to use effects” in Adobe After Effects.  Everything was great…

And then, the live launch video ended.

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WINDOWS SERVER 2008 :: IIS 7.0 Live Smooth Streaming Walk-Through :: MICROSOFT

IIS Live Smooth Streaming
IIS Live Smooth Streaming

David Nelson takes us on a walk through of IIS Live Smooth Streaming now in Beta.   IIS Live Smooth Streaming enables adaptive streaming of live events to Microsoft Silverlight clients and is an extension for Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 – it delivers compelling, uninterrupted live video streams that allegedly instantly adjust quality (bit rate) to match changing network and CPU conditions at the client.

I am very curious to see how this is going to work when Enterprise end users hit on an IIS 7 video that is Smooth streaming – fat live video pumping over HTTP into a locked down network, sounds like the kind of bandwidth consumption that could bring systems down… especially when systems are cloaked, how is the intelligence of the smooth streaming going to work for video coming in to the Enterprise from the outside?

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled to install IIS Live Smooth Streaming – Beta:

  • You must use IIS 7.0 running on Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista® with Service Pack 1 (SP1).
  • To manage IIS Live Smooth Streaming using the IIS Manager user interface, the IIS Management Console for IIS must be installed. You can install the IIS Management Console role service for Web Server (IIS) in Server Manager.

The following options are available for installing IIS Live Smooth Streaming – Beta:

  • Web Platform Installer 2.0 Beta
  • Web Platform Installer 1.0
  • Windows Installer files (for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista SP1 operating systems)

The “Installation Notes” section of the IIS Live Smooth Streaming – Beta Readme contains detailed instructions for each of these installation options.

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Here is an interesting thread from the WMTALK LIST:

For Live Smooth Streaming today, you've got just three products announced.

Inlet Spinnaker (with a forthcoming update) ENCODES
Windows Server 2008 (with Live Smooth Streaming module for IIS7) HOSTS
Silverlight 2+ CONSUMES

A live encoder basically pushes the same chunks the server would deliver to the
client to the server, with some extra metadata and stuff.  So the file format is
still Fragmented MPEG-4.  Supported codecs are:
        VC-1 and WMA 10 Pro for Silverlight 2+
        H.264 and AAC-LC for Silverlight 3+

Ben Waggoner
Principal Video Strategist, Silverlight
Microsoft Corporation

Compression Blog:
Compression Classes at Stanford and PSU:

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From: WMTalk [mailto:WMTalk@DISCUSSMS.HOSTING.LSOFT.COM] On Behalf Of Harry
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 7:32 AM
Subject: Live Smooth Streaming: Goesinto & Goesoutta

Hi All,

I've read a bunch now about Live Smooth Streaming, and there's chatter about
mpeg4, H.264, etc., but I'm still confused about who does what to whom. If
anyone can help put the pieces together, that would be nice. What I'd like
to understand better right now is the goesinta and goesoutta formats for
each piece

Silverlight Player
WMP (v11?)

Starting points:
EE2 SP1: what input formats does it accept? What will it output to IIS7
(e.g., native mpeg4, a proprietary format, etc.)? What will it output to
WMS/2008? Will it output directly to a Silverlight player (and if so, in
what formats)? Will it output directly to a WMP?

WME9: we're probably familiar enough with input formats, and we know it will
output to WMS/2008 and to WMP 11 in a proprietary ASF format. Will it output
to an IIS7 publishing point? Will it output directly to a Silverlight

IIS7: for a Live publishing point: what input formats will it accept (e.g.,
only a proprietary format from EE2?)? What are the output formats (e.g.,
only the .ismv chunked up smooth streaming file format?)?

WMS/2008: I'm guessing there's not much change. I assume it will accept
input from EE2, but not EE2 smooth streaming?  I also assume the output is
the same (wma/wmv in an asf wrapper that can be digested by Silverlight or

Silverlight: I think I understand that it can receive a million little
chunks of a video as miniscule progressive downloads from IIS7 Live Smooth
Streaming. Can it also receive that from WMS/2008? Will it accept other
input formats like mp3, mpeg4, etc. (I mean, in native mode, not in
programmer-hell mode -- meaning, can I just point an mp3 stream at it?)?

Maybe some of these answers should be obvious to me.... I'm also hoping to
learn of interplay between these systems and the broader ecosystem out
there.  In particular streaming live and on-demand audio and video to the
wealth of smart phones that don't support Windows Media, the iPhone in
particular. For me, reaching that market is mandatory.



Harry Emerson

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